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Stefan Weitz


Senior Manager - Commercial & Administration

BioConstruct NewEnergy Ltd

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My Story

Stefan is a German graduated process engineer. He has got experience in the design and the construction of over 300 AD plants worldwide.

Stefan became technical director of one of the biggest UK AD plants which produced 1,1 MW electricity and upgrades 2,200 cbm/h biogas to biomethane in the South of England.


Stefan spent 18 years working in diverse management functions for several leading AD technology providers, before joining BioConstruct NewEnergy in January 2017.

Stefan is now BioConstruct NewEnergy’s Commercial Manager and in the last 6 years he has worked on many O&M contracts within the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Stefan enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 7376 256 229

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