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Exciting News - Coming Soon

We will be promoting our new offering in the coming weeks as we project the business to the next level to support the growth of the biogas and renewable energy sector.


Bringing you the latest updates from our activities around Europe


Screenshot 2023-03-18 121907.png

BioConstruct NewEnergy look to develop renewable projects.

What does it take to build and operate an Anaerobic Digestion plant?

Find out more as we guide you through the challenges faced when looking to develop a project and the benefits to be offered upon successful completion.

Watch this space....


BIOCONSTRUCT NEWENERGY Mobilise at Bangley Biogas

Bangley Biogas is still mid construction but with the move towards the initial seeding of the plant BioConstruct NewEnergy begin to provide operational support under the terms of its O&M agreement.

More news to follow.


We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years World Biogas Expo, 29-30 March 2023. Come and say hello and get to know a little more about us and how we can help you. 

The event is hosted by ADBA and WBA, and is the largest trade show solely dedicated to anaerobic digestion and biogas.

From food and energy security to climate action, biogas is the key to every nation’s sustainable future. The World Biogas Summit will address the ways and means to move beyond potential and ambition to delivery.

Across the globe biogas projects are delivering systems change, the kind that are required to usher in a secure and sustainable future. If done at scale the sector could deliver a 0.2° cut in global warming – enough to put the Paris Agreement on climate change back on track, the equivalent of taking all road and maritime transport net zero according to John Kerry.

In 2023 the UNFCCC is undertaking its first Global Stocktake (GST) – measuring the pledges of countries to deliver net zero against actions actually taken. The annual assessment by Carbon Brief, showing only a handful of countries are currently on track, indicates the outcome of this will be alarming.

This summit will present expert insight in to how to make biogas happen, with the Engine Room theatre (World Biogas Expo) presenting the latest and best available technology and process solutions to optimize revenue streams.

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